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Monday, February 01, 2010

Itty Bit had to spend the night at the vet tonight-

He had his surgery today and he no longer has his testicles, so we've done our part to prevent unwanted kitties. But he had an IV infiltrate and it caused his paw to swell so the hospital thought it best to keep him overnight and make sure his paw got massaged and watched.

So it's pretty quiet around here tonight.

On another note, my stupid, greedy dog got herself caught in the livetrap I'm using to catch racoons! I had just re-baited it with some canned catfood and 30 minutes later the neighbor called to ask if the dog was in the house- which she was not. Sure enough, she had crawled into the cage to eat the cat food and the door slammed shut and trapped her in. She's pretty embarrassed tonight! Dumb dog...

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